Best 3 Bottleneck Calculator 2023

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When we think of the word ‘Bottleneck’, an image of a roadblock comes to mind. If we speak in terms of an analogy, that would be quite appropriate.

A bottleneck calculator helps you calculate your computer’s processing efficiency effectively with your CPU (the Central Processing Unit).


It operates via a simple mechanism, it gives many inputs to the limited number of cores you might have in your system. If any part is unable to keep up with the system due to wear and tear or simply because of a malfunction ,  techiegenie  the calculator highlights it. This becomes amazingly handy if you are building your own PC.


So, if you are building your own PC and are trying to get everything to work, here are the four best bottleneck calculators in 2023.


PC Builds Bottleneck Calculator

The PC Builds Bottleneck Calculator is one of the best tools you can get for this purpose. It is incredibly easy to use and interactive. If you enter the correct specifications of your computer, the calculator can get you pretty accurate results. It also offers additional benefits to the user like calculating the performance percentage and the CPU and GPU of your system. It is a must-have tool for anyone building a gaming PC.


Another advantage of using this software is that it gives a detailed analysis of your system helping you manage the specifications precisely. You need to take care of your performance percentage so that your computer works well according to your needs. It also helps you single out any component that might not be working. Sometimes it can be tough to repair broken components, so you should be aware of any replacements or substitutes you can use.



MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a software that helps you manage your system by overclocking it, helping it perform at maximum output. Overclocking the system might sound a bit dangerous, but don’t worry, you get a hardware monitoring tool that will help you manage your system. The software helps you manage various parameters of your CPU like the optimal temperature, the core, and the clock. How does this help you find a bottleneck? Well, if you encounter any unusual spike in these parameters, you have encountered a bottleneck.


The user interface is very simple to use and the software provides detailed hardware specifications. This means that it can help you point out where the issue is and helps you figure out how you can rectify it. If you want to start using your PC as soon as you set it up, this is a good software to help you do so.


CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator

The CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator helps you find the bottlenecks in your system by testing it against 80 parameters. It helps you get into the minute details and has an extraordinarily easy to operate user interface. It is interactive too, just enter your specs and it will help you find any bottlenecks in your system. However, it does not just stop there, it compares your system to the pre-existing high-end models which help you know what can be further improved.


It is a software that is perfect for gamers who want to optimize their system while staying within budget. There can be high-end models which you can imitate or surpass even with parts that are subpar at best. This software also helps you calculate any bottlenecks that might be present in your RAM and helps you look at them at various resolutions.



Bottlenecked’s Calculator

The Bottlenecked’s Calculator is an improved software which lets you know the bottleneck percentage with ease. However, currently it is experiencing a few bugs which hinder the user experience. It works pretty well most of the time and it is very easy to use. You just enter your specifications and it quickly calculates your bottleneck percentage. It is a one-trick pony though, other than speed it does not offer too much over its competitors.


However, this should not completely put this software off your radar, this just means that there is a huge scope for this software to improve. The developers are constantly working on it to improve its performance as you read through this article. Be sure to do your research properly before getting any of the following software.



Those were the best bottleneck calculators in 2023. Reading about them might have given you a vague idea of what software you might choose among the above mentioned. If you want a detailed comparison, you should check the software’s websites. Some software might be under development while others might have already reached their final stages. It is up to you what you choose and what suits your needs the best. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you and you will be able to make an informed choice for the same.