Taylor Swift Dressed Up As A Squirrel For Halloween 2021 And It's Literally Nuts

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Taylor Swift revealed her 2021 Halloween costume, and let's just say it might make you want to go nuts.


Taylor shared some photos on Instagram of her in her Halloween costume — specifically, a giant squirrel.


"[C]an’t talk right now, I’m doin hot squirrel shit ?," she posted in the caption.

@taylorswift / Via instagram.com

The whole thing is — let's face it — pretty nuts. (Sorry. Last one, I swear.)

@taylorswift / Via instagram.com

This isn't the first time Taylor's dressed up as an animal recently. Back at the end of 2020 — like, literally New Year's Eve — she Tweeted a picture of her dressed up like a bear with the caption "bye 2020, it's been weird."


I can't bear to speculate as to what her next costume will be. (I'm really sorry about that one.)