UPOWER provides wide power range of three-phase on/off-grid energy storage inverters for solar systems, and can meet every home need. It will increase your self-generation& self-consumption and power your home stably, reduce your dependence on the grid and cut your grid power bills
What is The Leading features of the three-phase Storage hybrid inverters?
What is Split phase hybrid storage Inverter?
Upower inverters were all China made, which fed into peoples preconceived idea that China manufacturing was superior with the reliable quality and the best price.
The split phase hybrid storage inverter can compose of PV array, and UPOWER鈥橲 high voltage lithium battery, loads and power grids. The solar panels convert solar energy into electric energy when sun shines, and power the load through the UE-UX7K6~UX11K4-HD series storage inverters and charges the battery pack at the same time, the excess electricity will be feedback to the grid. When sunsets or blackouts, the battery or the battery and the grid together supply power to the AC load. This is on/off-grid or hybrid energy storage inverter.
Powerful Monitoring Platform

PC Internet MornitorAPP (iOs/Android) monitoring
Datasheet of the Split phase on and off-grid inverters:
ModelUE 鈥揢X7K6-HDUE 鈥揢X9K-HDUE 鈥揢X10K-HDUE 鈥揢X11K4-HD
AC Input (On Grid)AC Input Rated Power7.6Kva9Kva10Kva11.4Kva
AC Input Voltage Range65~140Vac/phase*2
AC Input Frequency47.5~51.5Hz/57~61.5Hz
Max AC Charge Current(To Battery)32A37.5A41.7A47.5A
AC Output (Backup)Rated Power7.6Kva9Kva10Kva11.4Kva
Surge Power60S@125%;1S@150%
Output Voltage100/200Vac卤3%; 110/220Vac卤3%; 120/240Vac卤3%
Output Current30A
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Max. Battery Charging Conversion Efficiency97.30%
Max. Battery Discharging Conversion Efficiency97.30%
Output WavePure Sine Wave
BatteryVoltage Range150-650V
Battery TypeLi-ion锛圠FP锛?/td>
PV InputMax. PV Power(Recommended)10000W11700W13000W14800W
Max. PV Voltage600Vdc
MPPT Range150-500Vdc
Number of MPPT Trackers 4
Number of PV Inputs per MPPT 1/1/1/1
Max PV Charge Current(To Battery)14A/String PV
MPPT Efficiency99.0%
Switch Efficiency98.2%
OthersDimension [W x H x D, mm]530*660*221
Weight 26-28Kg
Packingwooden case
IP classIP65
Warranty5 years ; 10 years optional
Protection DesignGeneral Data
DC Reverse Polarity ProtectionIntegratedOver Voltage CategoryPV锛氣叀; Main:鈪?/td>
Battery Input Reverse Connection ProtectionIntegratedDimensions (mm)530W*660H*221D
Insulation Resistance ProtectionIntegratedWeight (kg)26
DC SwitchOptionalProtection DegreeIP65
Surge ProtectionIntegratedSelf-consumption at Night (W)< 15
Over-temperature ProtectionIntegratedTopologyTransformer less
Residual Current ProtectionIntegratedOperating Temperature Range (掳 C)-30~60
Islanding ProtectionFrequency Shift, IntegratedRelative Humidity (%)0~100
AC Over-voltage ProtectionIntegratedOperating Altitude (m)4000 (derating@ > 300
Overload ProtectionIntegratedCoolingNatural Convection
Noise Level (d< 25
AC Short-circuit ProtectionIntegratedDisplayOLED & LED
CommunicationWiFi / LAN (Optional)
Product size and Weight:
SIZE: 550W*410H*175D
Weight: 26-28KG
Product Application:
Specially used to power household loads.
Morning: low output, high demand
In the early morning, PV generation cannot meet the energy consumption, UPOWER energy storage system will bridge the gap with the power stored in the battery in the previous day.
On Morning:
Midday: high output, low demand
PV generation is at its peak in the day time. But since nobody is at home and the energy consumption is very low, so most generated power will be stored in the battery of UPOWER energy storage system.
During Day:
Evening: high demand, zero output
The highest energy consumption in a day is at the evening and PV generates little even zero energy at this time. The UPWOER home energy storage system will bridge the gap with the power generated during the day.
At Evening:
Electricity generation and consumption process
About us
We focus on the cultivation of innovation ability, and actively develop advanced manufacturing technology and apply it to our Split Phase Hybrid Storage Inverters. We attach great importance to the health and life of our employees, and hope to benefit the results of the company's business development to the majority of employees. Our company employs professional technicians and adopts international advanced production technology and equipment. We focus on developing high-efficiency, energy-saving, advanced and environmentally friendly products, and consolidating our position in the industry.
When the solar power is greater than the load power, you can store the excess energy to avoid waste; Fourth, when the grid is out of power, the solar panels can continue to generate electricity without waste, the inverter can be switched to off-grid working mode, the system continues to work as a backup power source, and photovoltaic and storage batteries can supply power to the load through the inverter.
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