Industrial Gases suppliers Tungsten hexafluoride CAS: 7783-82-6 Alias:WF6;Tungstenfluoride;TUNGSTEN(VI) FLUORIDE; CAS No.:7783-82-6 EINECS No. 232-029-1 Molecular formula:WF6 UN No.:2196 SFR庐provides high-purity Tungsten hexafluoride (WF6) to our global customers.stably and has strong corrosivity. Tungsten hexafluoride is mainly used as wiring material of integrated circuit in electronic industry. After chemical vapor deposition process, metal tungsten conductor film can be formed. Tungsten conductor film is usually used as interconnection metal with high conductivity, through hole between metal layers and contact hole of vertical contact in integrated electronics, as well as isolation layer between aluminum and silicon, Therefore, it is widely used in the field of semiconductor integration; In addition, tungsten hexafluoride can also be used in the manufacture of solar absorbers and X-ray emission electrodes. Specification Items Unit Purity Purity of NF3(V/V)10-2鈮?9.999锛?/p> Nitrogen(N2)(V/V)10-6鈮? Oxygen + Argon (O2 + Ar)(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Carbon dioxide (CO2)(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Carbon monoxide (CO)(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Carbon tetrafluoride (CF4)(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Nitrogen trifluoride(NF3)(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Silicon tetrafluoride(SiF4)(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Hydrogen fluoride (HF)(V/V)10-6鈮? Metal ion(V/V)10-6鈮?.5 Advantage: 鈼?High purity 鈼?Wide application range Package: 10L / 40LIndustrial Gases suppliers website: