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The Dark Secret Behind the Ice Man | Wim Hof | Goalcast
Wim Hof baffles experts --thriving in freezing cold temperatures and swimming under ice in just shorts. But little did the world know that The Ice Man was harboring a heartbreaking secret that drove him to try & conquer the bitter cold -- what tragedy pushed Wim into a black hole? And how has facing the ice helped him recover?

my message to whoever is reading this caption right now is to keep going. keep grinding. keep studying. keep inspiring. keep working hard at what you do best. keep waking up everyday and choosing to live your life. keep being a nice person. keep sharing your content. you are making a difference. you are on this earth for a reason. you have a purpose attached to your existence, and I’m so proud of you. keep going 🤎 - tru


Botswana's Dr. Goemeone Mogomotsi bagged 8 university degrees in 9 years. Some of them are:

Bachelor of Laws, University of Swaziland.

Bachelor of Laws, University of Botswana.

Bachelor of Financial Management, Amity University, India

Master of Public Administration (MPA) (2015-2016), University of Botswana.

Master of Arts (Development Studies) (2017-2018), University of Botswana.

PhD in Law (2017-202, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.


Credit: Africa Facts Zone


His biggest success Was failing MED School
Turn your failures into success
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Kobe shares advice on how to leave your mark
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